About Parker's Sleigh Ride

How do I play?

As soon as the game commences Parker’s sleigh-van will start zooming across the sky and by tapping the screen, clicking your mouse or pressing the spacebar you’ll drop a present from the van.

If your judgment is excellent, you’ll drop a present straight down a Possiblers chimney for top points, or on the roof for fewer points. If you miss the house altogether you’ll lose a life.

Occasionally, you’ll notice the shadow of the person who puts the im into impossible – Imilio! Dropping presents onto Imilio’s roof will cost you dearly as you lose one of the three lives you have to play with.

When can I play?

The game will be available to play during the Christmas period.

How many times can I play?

As it’s the festive period, we’re allowing you to play Parker’s Sleigh Ride as many times as you like.